Enrico Ricci

Enzo Ricci was born in Rome in 1936. He is a passionate artist who prefers to paint the Umbrian and Tuscan countryside, enriching their urban landscapes with sharp lights setting a time and seasonal limit. The elements of the paintings are presented with uncertain boundaries, no barriers of time and space and that, in the deception of their appearance, melt into a subject of original visionary pictorial invention. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Rome, Arezzo, Florence, Palermo, Potenza and abroad, getting awards and accolades. His works are in public and private collections in ITALY and USA.

Alberi di Olive

24×30 Cm Olio su Tela

Paesaggio Umbro

50×70 Cm Olio su Tela

Galleria Arte Nocchia

Vecchio Borgo Toscano

20×40 Cm Tecnica Mista in Marmo

Verso l’ Appennino

80 x 100 Cm Olio su Tela

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Galleria Arte NocchiaPaesaggio Toscano Arte Nocchia