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Galleria d'Arte Nocchia Cortona

Bruno Tinucci

A Livornese artist endowed with great talent, Bruno Tinucci has made a lasting impression in our minds. In his works, he is careful with a tecnique that shows to us a profound command of the use of color. He gives to us his joy of life with a radiant personal style. The generous character of Bruno Tinucci is shown by his brushstrokes almost flung on the canvas and on the wood with force that renders images really vigorous. There is not a sparing of paint, yet sometimes an excess; though it does not take away from his decisive and delicate brushstrokes where nothing is left to chance. In his work, an abandoned cottage immersed in a red and yellow landscape & old structures of tuscany towns, we are charmed by his very personal interpretation that Tinucci wants to express of the nature, a nature alive in a harmonic compostion of colors. He is a painter of the Labronica generation who is well spoken of in Italy and abroad.



Bruno Tinucci: Ginestre e papaveri presso S. Gimignano
Broom and poppies around S. Gimignano
oil on canvas 70 x 100 Cm
Code: BT_366
Bruno Tinucci: Vigne e papaveri in Toscana
vinyards and poppies in Tuscany
oil on canvas 60 x 100 Cm
Code: BT_365
Bruno Tinucci: Vendemmia
Oil on canvas 50x70
Code: BT_77
Bruno Tinucci: fiori di campo in toscana
wild flowers in tuscany
oil on canvas 100x150 cm.
Code: BT_282

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